Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Viva la Gleaning Revolution!

As we move swiftly towards midsummer there's a feeling of wanting to stay outside for as long as possible and enjoy the long days. Impromptu picnics and barbecues are arranged at the slightest hint of a heatwave. Yet there can be a disconnect between our relationship to the cycle of the seasons and the food on our plates. Consumer and retailer whims (strawberries in winter / wonky carrots anyone?) are part of the food waste scandal I heard about at a Cambridge Sustainable Food talk where I met Marie-Laure Prevost of the Gleaning Network. The local coordinator for the international partnership organisation is seeking volunteers keen on getting outdoors into the countryside and rolling up their sleeves...

On Saturday 30th May and Saturday 6th June the Eastern England Gleaning Network will descend on a farm in King's Lynn, Norfolk where 250 tons of parsnips are going to waste. The mission is to save as many as possible of the sugary root veg by donating them to food-share charities. It's a sociable, active day out and a very hands-on way to contribute to a cause.

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