Thursday, 14 May 2015

Of Light and Colour

Detail from 'Field' by Julia Ball

'Can you see the greens, the differences between the greens?' Julia Ball's paintings are a testament to an ability common to artists and naturalists to look closely - for a long time - and see what the rest of us may overlook. Of Light and Colour: Four Paintings is an exhibition of recent work by this Cambridge artist, on show at the Over Gallery until 30 May. Exquisite sketchbook colour studies are on display and smaller works are also for sale.

'I am interested in colour', Julia says 'The sources of my paintings come from landscapes, and the colour I find in the East Anglian landscape: plants, for example.' The changing light of water, seasons and time of day - so very elusive to capture - is somehow distilled in her paintings. The process of describing light via the medium of paint is paintstaking and elusive - as Timothy Spall's grunts and intense glare of concentration in the biopic Mr.Turner would testify!

The Over Gallery opened in December 2012 and shows contemporary art. Like Julia Ball, many of the artists selected by owner Helen Taylor are local and inspired by the natural world. Helen has a passion for the outdoors and nature, and can recommend that a visit to her gallery be combined with a trip to the nearby nature reserves, RSPB Fen Drayton Lakes and RSPB Ouse Fen.

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